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About Chinese Cuisine



Since the provinces of China are geographically isolated, Chinese foods vary greatly from one region to another. However, several styles are recognized internationally: Peking, Shanghai, Szechwan and Cantonese.

The reason for the popularity of the major five are many: The Peking style features specialties for great feasts and most of the formal banquets are prepared in a Peking style manner. The Shanghai style features the delicacies of the south and its dishes are in general sweeter than those of other styles. The Shanghai "home-style" dishes are noted for being more subtle and delicate in flavor. Yangchow style is quite similar to that of Shanghai. Its dishes are more elaborate and decorative in appearance than Shanghai. The Yangchow style is also well known for its pastries.

The Szechwan style cooking is known for its use of hot spices. The people of that region also claim that it stimulates the appetite. The Hunan province neighbors the Szechwan province so it is no wonder that Hunan food is also known to be spicy. However as most people consider Hunan style as part of the Szechwan style, Hunan food has very few dishes of consequence known to other Chinese.

Cantonese style is particularly good with roast and steamed dishes. The Cantonese enjoy soups and soup noodles. Tea-brunch pastries (Dim-sum) are the other specialties of this style.

Preparation of authentic Chinese dishes requires a lot of experience and individual training. One must know the different and various techniques of cutting and chopping. One must also correctly match the various ingredients and quantity for that particular dish. It is very important to know the proper sequence and timing for adding the various seasonings; improper sequence will adversely affect the color and flavor of a particular dish. That explains in part why there are only few master chefs and why there are many lousy ones.

Like many other cultures around the world, the Chinese love to eat a lot. Strangely, not too many have a weight problem. The reason could be that Chinese like dishes abounding in vegetables mixed in with a little meat. So if you like to eat and want to keep your weight down, try a lot of Chinese foods.



About MSG



MSG (Mono-Sodium Glutamate) is a natural protein substance that exists in many foods such as bread (gluten), soy sauce, etc... MSG is manufactured in large quantities by the fermentation process from agricultural materials such as corn, cotton seeds and soybean. It is a food additive that is being used more and more widely, often in snacks and baby foods. In Asia MSG is used commonly in moderate doses by families and restaurants. In USA, MSG is sold under many trade names at supermarkets.

Some people may be allergic to MSG when the intake exceeds a certain level. Symptoms include thirst, swelling of the face, and difficult breathing. If you have not had any problems with soy sauce in the past, you are most likely NOT allergic to MSG. However, if you prefer, we can prepare any order without adding MSG and can use a white sauce instead of soy sauce on request.

There is no medical evidence that MSG poses a health risk and use of MSG has FDA approval. We do not add MSG to our entries in most cases. We do cook with soy sauce, which has a natural low level of MSG from the fermentation process. Some prepared foods may use a small amount of MSG for flavor enhancement.



Special Diet Menu



We use extra-lean ingredients in our cooking. Most of the fat from meat and poultry has been removed by our well-trained kitchen staff. We do not use dairy products in our cooking (with exception of Crab Rangoon). Our high temperature quick stir-fried cooking method shortens the cooking time and preserves most of the nutrients in the vegetables. Most Chinese dishes are very well-balanced with meats and vegetables. As a result, most dishes prepared at our restaurants and have minimal cholesterol and calories.

Our food is cooked to order. We cook with vegetable oil only, which is a light unsaturated oil containing no cholesterol. If you are on a special diet or need to watch calories, cholesterol, sodium, etc., please let our staff know your special requirements when you place your order. For example you can order a meal with less oil, less salt, no added MSG, steamed, etc...